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Appreciate the beauty of 21 wonderful gardens presented by keen gardeners in Bright and surrounds.

Spring is a glorious time to visit Bright - fresh green leaves return to the trees, bulbs bursts into life in spectacular colour, and buds and blooms enchant the eyes in every direction. See open gardens in Bright, Wandiligong, Porepunkah, Eurobin,

Harrietville, Myrtleford, Rosewhite, Dederang.


Guest Garden Speaker - Diana Sargeant 

This year, we welcome Diana Sargeant, from Silkies Rose Farm in Clonbinane, as our consulting rosarian and guest speaker. Diana will share her extensive knowledge of roses so that you are able to create the rose garden of your dreams and will be delighted to sign a copy of her book "All About Roses" at her two presentations:

"The Establishment and Care of New and Young Roses".

Thursday 31st October 2019 from 10am, at Shady Brook (Garden #14),

20 Mountain View Road in Harrietville - (Phone 03 5759 2741)


"The Ongoing Care of Established Rose Gardens".

Thursday 31st October 2019 from 2pm,at Kalimna (Garden #3),

176 Delany Avenue in Bright - (Phone 0427 189 176).

This is a very large garden of beautiful established roses.  


2019 Open Gardens Full List

1. Bright Community Garden


Behind the Anglican Church

Church Street, Bright
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Open: Daily - 7am to 9pm

Entry : Gold coin on entry is greatly appreciated.

Please sign in the visitors’ book. All proceeds directly support the community garden

This garden is an ever evolving, regenerative and productive garden that provides opportunities for the Bright community to connect more closely with the Earth and with each other. It is a place where we can gather to share our time, knowledge and skills, to better understand, respect and care for the world we live in, and to generously contribute to the health and wellbeing of others. We employ Permaculture design principles, including zero chemical input, water saving design and closed system cycling of nutrients and waste. The garden has gravity fed rainwater tanks, a Honour Tree Food Forest, paved gathering shelter, both raised and in-ground garden beds, wash station, compost bays and worm farms. There is a mix of individually leased plots and communal growing spaces.

The Wandi Bright Harrietville Food Swap will be on the Saturday 2nd November from 9:30am to 10am. Bring anything you have in excess - even seeds, a bunch of flowers or homemade biscuits (all details on the events program).

For more information about this garden, please, contact: 0421 675 528

2. Chestnut Tree Holiday Units


154-158 Delany Avenue, Bright
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Open: Daily - 9am to 5pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to Bright Spring Festival

Three acres of landscaped gardens – rock walls, hedges, standard lumas, natives, mollis, tulips, azaleas, rhododendrons, many standard roses, dogwoods, maples (lipstick and Japanese), Mt Fuji Weeping cherries, catalpas, weeping elms and mulberries.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Rob and Marielle Porter (03 5755 2100)

3. Kalimna


176 Delany Avenue, Bright
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Open: Oct 26, 27, 29 & 31, Nov 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 10am to 4pm or by appointment.

Entry : $4 donation

Proceeds to Angel Flight

Private garden of 1 acre. Many trees including Tulip, Maple, Conifer, Manchurian Pear, Camelia, Forest Pansy, Dogwood and Witch Hazel - to name a few. Photinia hedging, bottle brush hedging and box hedging. Azaleas, rhododendrons and hydrangeas. Roses, tulips, daffodils, bluebells, lilies, clematis and salvias. Lovely play areas for children. In all, a very relaxing garden. Many structures made by John. 

Note: our Garden Guest Speaker will be here on Thursday 31st October, from 2pm to talk about

the "Ongoing Care of Established Rose Garden"

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Noelene & John Gilmour (0427 189 176)


4. Elm Haven

13 Railway Avenue, Bright
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Open: Tuesday 29th October to Sunday 3rd November  - 10am to 4pm

Entry : $3 per person

Proceeds to English Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Semi-formal garden set amongst 100 year old elm trees, featuring azaleas, camellias and garden sculpture.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Christine Baker (03 5755 1534)

5. Peter and Irene Lukey


12 Alexandra Court, Bright
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Open: October 26, 27 & 30, November 2 & 3 - 10am to 4pm

Entry : $4 per adult, $3 for concession, Free for children.

Proceeds to support Kidney Health Australia.

This lovely 10 year old garden features flowing manicured lawns that lead you through raised garden beds shaded by a variety of deciduous trees. This ever changing garden combines native bushes, bulbs and cottage plants to provide year round colour and interest in this peaceful garden. A small orchard and scattered fruit trees and berries, and a 4 bed rotation vegetable garden provide a supply of fresh food for family and friends.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Peter & Irene Lukey (03 5755 5139 - 0400 085 380)

6. Bright Accommodation Park


438 Great Alpine Road, Bright
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Open: Daily - 1pm to 5pm 

Entry : Free

Come and enjoy our garden with our heritage Shaddock Trees. Listed with the National Trust, these magnificent trees are estimated to be approx. 150 years old and are situated on what was historically a mining camp operated by the Chinese. These 'Citrus Maxima' are thought to have been imported from Asia and introduced by the English sea captain 'Shaddock'. Fruit, conserves, preserves and information leaflets will be available.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Tracey (03 5750 1001)

7. Nightingale's Apples


708 Morses Creek Road, Wandiligong
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Open: Daily - 9am to 5pm

Entry : Free

Many different varieties and colours of roses, rhododendrons and azaleas to view. Plus, many yummy apples to buy.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Marianne Nightingale (03 5755 1127)

8. The Twisted Peppermint


15 Higgs Lane, Wandiligong
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Open: November 1,2,3 & 4 - 10am to 4pm

Entry : Gold coin donation.

Proceeds to support Four Kids and Future Carers Foundation.

Located in the beautiful valley of Wandiligong, you will find a true gardeners' garden belonging to Glenn and Andrea Jordan. The garden has been a work in progress over many years and continues to slowly evolve over time. It includes a diverse range of both exotic and native plants suited to the four seasons of the area.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Andrea Jordan (0419 200 688) 

9. Chalets Lumineux


414 Back Porepunkah Road, Bright
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Open: October 26 &27, November 1, 2, 3, 4 - 11am to 3pm

Entry : $2 per adult, optional (children free)

Proceeds to support "Save the Bees".

A beautiful, mature woodland garden, a variety of "arbres" (trees), a lovely setting to lose yourself in.  Silver birch, claret ash, liquidambar, colourful azaleas, camellias, daffodil and much more. Plenty of parking and seating.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Julie (03 5750 1700)

10. Garden House


400 Back Porepunkah Road, Bright
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Open: November 2, 3 & 4 - 10am to 2pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to charity.

A mature garden set around a 100+ year old home. Box hedges line the paths, roses, magnolia, citrus, camellias, fig, green tea bushes all add to the old world charm of this garden. Please, park on Back Porepunkah Road. Throughout the garden, you will find beautiful fused glass garden art which is created by Sarah Williamson of Gallery Lavande. Be sure to visit the Gallery Lavande Studio which is situated at the end of the garden path with spectacular views on the garden creating plenty of inspiration. The garden art is available for purchase to ensure you have a little piece of this beautiful garden in your own.  

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Sarah and Craig Williamson (0409 415 532)

11. 'Jandys'


7119 Great Alpine Road, Porepunkah
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Open: October 26, 27 & 30, November 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - 11am to 5pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to North East Multicultural Association

Against a backdrop of wattles, eucalypts and a magnificent red river gum, our garden is an eclectic mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, underplanted with bulbs, perennials, annuals and variety of shrubs. There is no theme or order - just plants inserted (mostly for their flowers) wherever there's an appropriate space. Please, don't ask us the botanical names as we are not botanists; we are simply enjoying our gardening in our retirement. We have camellias, dogwoods, azaleas, forget-me-knots violets, irises, aquilegias, love-in-the-mist, hyacinths and a few more flowering during the Spring Festival. A keen eye will find garden sculptures (there is a tree climber abseiling up a gum tree0 and a keen ear will hear the river as it flows between Bright & Porepunkah. As well as our established garden, we now have a new more formal rock garden being established. You are most welcome to wander or just sit and enjoy our little patch of paradise.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Jan Sparkes (0429 460 392)

12. Mt Buffalo Olives


307 Mount Buffalo Road, Porepunkah
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Open: November 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - 11am to 5pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to Porepunkah CFA

Elisa and Colin Bertuch of Mt Buffalo Olives, invite you to come on a self-guided walk through the olive grove and arboretum that they have established at the foot of Mount Buffalo. Highlights include many well established trees – a Wollemi Pine, Bunya Pines, Forest Pansys, Oaks, Weeping Mulberries, Weeping Cherry, Maples, Gingkoes, Ash Trees, Coastal Redwood and many more. Get your mud-maps of the garden at the Mt Buffalo Olives farm-gate shop at the top of the drive. 

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Elisa and Collin Bertuch (03 5756 2143 or 0412 358 850)

13. High Country Lavender


318 Roberts Creek Road, Porepunkah
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Open: Daily – 11am to 4pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to Challenge Kids With Cancer.

Come and see this rambling artistic, adhock country garden.  You are also welcome to wander through our beautiful mudbrick home built by Julie and Ted.  There are some old cars on display in the shed for anyone interested. Handmade crafts and lavender oil made by Ted available for purchase. 

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Julie & Ted Gray (0419 005 339)

14. Shady Brook


20 Mountain View Walk, Harrietville
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Open: Daily 10am - 4pm.

Entry: $5 per adult/ $3 Pensioners (children free).

Proceeds to local Harrietville community groups.

Garden notes supplied with free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Shady Brook is set on 14 acres, approximately 8 is landscaped gardens and the balance is natural forest. The aspect is stunning with most of the garden on rich river flat bordered by the Oven River with a backdrop of forest on steeply rising mountain face.

The garden is only 20 years old but high rainfall, deep soils and a very special micro environment have accelerated plant growth and development into what appears to be a much more mature garden. 

The garden is planted down to many exotic trees: maples, oaks, magnolias, dogwoods, birches, deciduous and non-deciduous conifers to name a few, many are rare specimens. The Spring colours and buds are magnificent. The colours are accentuated by our very early and cold frost. Our ears sasanqua camellias bring their flash of colour and honey eaters. Along the mountain edge and throughout the garden are hundreds of camellias, viburnums, rhododendrons and azaleas - too many to name - which all burst forth in Spring along with thousands of bulbs many mass planted in block arrays of colour.

There are special conifer gardens, roses, manuals and some natives that bring an all year round colour, texture and shape that is stunning. There are many tracks and paths that take time to explore; the bird life is amazing with over 40 species identified over 12 months. The water features just add another dimension as does the extensive vegetable garden. It takes a least one hour to walk the entire garden and longer if all the tracks and paths are explored along the river or along mountain tracks. There are many wild life birds and rare poultry breeds to see.


Note: our Garden Guest Speaker will be here on Thursday 31st October, from 10am to talk about

the "Establishment and Care of New & Young Roses".

For more information about this garden, please, contact: John Atkins (0438 050 475)

15. Mountain Fresh Trout & Salmon Farm


10 Stony Track, Harrietville
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Open: Daily - 10am to 4pm

Entry : Free

An expansive garden landscaped with a large variety of trees and shrubs built around trout ponds and streams. To see the whole garden and enjoy this beautiful setting you need to allow an hour. Guests can feed the fish or catch one to take home. Tea, coffee and other products are available at the shop.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Peter Hall (0419 107 303)

16. Granny's Pantry 'Secret Garden'


56 Great Alpine Road - Harrietville
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Open: All days EXECPT Nov 2, 4 & 5 - 10am to 5pm

Entry : Gold coin donation - included tea / coffee

Proceeds to Harrietville Primary School

A developing garden with a quirky and rustic personality. Brick parts, corrugated iron and timber fences, and 'found objects' help to create a back drop for the ferns, climbers, grasses, bushes, etc... Suggestions and advice always welcome.


For more information about this garden, please, contact: Brian and Jan Fleming (0400 992 699)

17. Lavender Hue


20 Great Alpine Road, Harrietville
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Open: Daily to Sunday 3rd November - 9am to 5pm

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to Alpine Health Palliative Care

Set in an idyllic lush riverside setting. Drive lined with Canadian Maples, Pencil Pines and Liquid Ambers, with lavender fields on each side. Rustic tearoom / shop, and patio draped with Japanese and Chinese wisteria. See our range of lavender products and essential oil distilled on the farm. Relax on the deck savouring oven fresh Devonshire teas, expresso coffee and lavender treats whilst enjoying the sounds and view of the sparkling Ovens River and bush.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Verona Sullivan (0408 698 456)

18. Upper Stag


290 Hughes Lane, Eurobin
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Open: Daily – 10am to 3pm 

Entry : Gold coin donation

Proceeds to Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue, and Mountain Glory Church Drought Relief Fund.

Best view of the Ovens Valley and mountains, with a variety of plants, flowers and trees. Photographers paradise!

A garage sale will be on everyday with a Spring garden theme. 

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Barbara Ohmsen (03 5756 2581 - 0437 301 180)

19. Buffalo River Native Nursery


9 Merriang South Road, Myrtleford
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Open: October 26 & 27, November 1, 3 & 5 - 9am to 5pm

Entry : $2

Proceeds to Juvenile Diabetes

We have a five acre block on the corner of Buffalo River Road and the Merriang South Road in Myrtleford that backs onto the Buffalo River. The garden is about 30 years old and contains mostly native plants with a small orchard and vegetable plots.

Plants include grevillea, callistemon, eremophila, banksias, waratah, several ferns and a large range of kangaraoo paws.

Several indigenous plants grow along the river. We have recently developed an area to showcase more difficult to grow species.  We also run a small native nursery with heaps of plants available for purchase.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Darrell Perkins (0448 522 593)

20. Homestead Estate Winery and Olive Grove


713 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite
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Open: Nov 2 & 3 - 10am to 4pm

Entry : $4

Proceeds to Friends of Lacluta

The garden was first established in 1869 and has seen many changes. Original trees include Magnolia Grandiflora (1872), a grove of Elms, a Hoop Pine. Recent additions are an avenue of Red Oaks, Ginkgos, Silver Birch, Magnolias, Manchurian Pears, Claret Ash, two vineyards and Olive Groves. Roses and Peonies are the stars of the cottage garden and a Camellia Sasanqua Hedge in infancy. Wine, olive oil tastings and Devonshire tea are available.  Tours of the Historic Homestead 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Noela Dawes (0488 258 997)

21. Gremolly


18 Streets Lane, Dederang
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Open: October 26 & 27, November 2 & 3 - Saturdays: 10am to 5pm / Sundays: 1pm to 5pm.

Entry : $5

Proceeds to Aussie Drought Farmers.

Our garden began from nothing and has been lovingly developed by the whole family. Our feature is a dry creek bed which runs through our garden and which we have extended this year. Enjoy a Devonshire Tea ($5) under the arbour while relaxing by a beautiful water area.

For more information about this garden, please, contact: Elaine Gregg (0429 317 346)