Spring Art Walk.jpg

In 2021, this event will introduce online

local artists based in Bright & Surrounds.

This event, organised by the Bright Spring Festival Committee,

encourages locals and visitors to explore our wonderful art culture

within the Alpine Shire.


Bright & District have many and varied artists within our community,

some well-known and others hidden away.



In 2021, the Spring Art Walk features the following local artists:

Alicia Marshall - art and design studio

Angela Bradbury - textile artist

Annemarie Wiegerinck - oil paintings and ceramics

Frances Worsnop-Solosy - paintings

Francesca Whyte - photography

Gil Stark - designer/maker

Jean-Pierre Ronco - photography

Jo Botting - jewellery artist

Michael Whipps - steel sculpture work

Sally Hall - opal jewellery

Sarah Williamson - fused glass garden art

Simon Pankhurst - sculptures

Steve Berry - photographic images on Canvas