A little bit about me….

I started showing an interest in craft around age 12. I learnt to knit & crochet sitting opposite my Nana, as if looking in a mirror. This was the easiest way for her to teach me as I am left handed. 

In my first year of high school we had to do the subject Home Economics. In those days (late 70’s) it involved cooking, learning how to “keep house”, lots of different crafts and sewing. I enjoyed most of the crafts, but sewing was to become a passion.

During the 1980’s, I made lots of things, macramé hangers, knitted and crocheted items, and started making my own clothes from commercial dress patterns. Being a little short I had to alter the patterns to fit me which became tedious. This led to me studying nights at TAFE where I completed a ‘Certificate in Fashion’. I was now qualified to call myself a fashion designer/dressmaker. 

Over the years I designed and made outfits for myself,

family and friends including wedding dresses for two of

my sisters and my own wedding dress of course.

I was introduced to quilting around 2002 when I attended

a quilt guild gathering in Bright. My interest was ignited;

I started taking classes and learnt a few techniques.

The ‘light bulb’ moment came during attending a free

motion quilting class taught by Susan Mathews.

I was hooked, and free motion quilting became my new

passion. In 2005/6 I purchased a quilting frame and a

mid-arm sewing machine and haven’t stopped quilting

and learning since.

Bright was without a quilting shop for several years until

December 2007 when I opened Sew Bright Alpine Quilting 

and every arrival of fabric sparks ideas for new quilts and

other projects to fuel my passion. 

Every now and then I also get to dabble in another

simmering obsession – mixed media art quilting.

I have started sketching with water colours, painting

fabrics, stamping and just recently delving into the world

of art journaling. You will notice some of these ‘arty’ supplies are now available in the shop.

Another thing I love about quilting is sharing the knowledge with my customers either through teaching classes or assisting them with fabric/colour selections for their projects. Quilters also embody a sense of “community” I have not felt before.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations, feel free to touch, ask me questions and take photos. 

Patterns are available to purchase at the counter for most of the quilts/projects, some I am still working on. 

I design the majority of my quilts using Electric Quilt software, which allows me to import fabric swatches and work on the designs before the fabric arrives.
The software also enables me to ‘recolour’ any of my designs with any of the fabrics I have in stock to show you what your quilt will look like before you make it. I offer this free service exclusively for my customers.

Thanks for coming and don’t forget to sign the visitor’s book before you go.




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