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 Born on the French Riviera coastline, Jean-Pierre Ronco has always been influenced by photography. 

Following in his father’s steps as a travelling photographer in the Alpes region, Jean-Pierre enjoyed spending his school lunch time break in a dark room, developing films, choosing papers, placing delicately the magic paper in different baths, and finally making images appear.

Many years later and after a life full of experiences,

Jean-Pierre finds it normal to express his creativity through the lens.



All photos copyrighted ©Jean-Pierre Ronco 2019

Chamonix - 035

All photos copyrighted ©Jean-Pierre Ronco 2019

Eurobin Falls September 2017 - 004

All photos copyrighted ©Jean-Pierre Ronco 2019


All photos copyrighted ©Jean-Pierre Ronco 2019

Finding his place in Australia, Jean-Pierre majored

in Commercial Photography at

Photography Study College in 2013. 

Embracing the photographic industry,

Jean-Pierre has succeded to bring his work to a professional standard. A member of the Australia Institute of Professionnal Photography

for the last 8 years, Jean-Pierre has been able to work in different fields such as interior photography, sport photography, landscape, weddings and food photography. 

Some of Jean-Pierre’s work has already been published in books, magazines and newspapers in Australia,

Jean-Pierre always brings the best in his photography making to the people and compagnies

he works with, and he is always kind to communicate his passion to others.

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