Mandy Munro

Visual Artist, Printmaker


All photos copyrighted ©Mandy Munro 2019


All photos copyrighted ©Mandy Munro 2019


All photos copyrighted ©Mandy Munro 2019


All photos copyrighted ©Mandy Munro 2019

My Artworks focus specifically on the environment that surrounds me,

the seasons that shape me, & the granite that grounds me,

in my entire existence living & loving at Mount Buffalo.


This granite mountain has been my continual source of inspiration

for over 20 years of wandering either by foot or by rope.

From the minute to the massive, & all things in between,

this isolated plateau fills me with a sense of awe &

 belonging within its natural history & beauty.


Through my works, I seek to capture a visual community, to communicate in unity of this richness, in endemic plant & animal life &

of topographical landscapes.

My purpose is to record, protect & preserve all species

located on & around the mountain.

My mark makings are a construction of the retinal, thought arrangements of time, place & space brought into dimensional form.

These marked moments are a reminder that all life is sacred,

no more or less than others.

Worlds beneath our feet that have been existing 

& evolving since the beginning of time

& with our awareness; can continue to do so.

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